Hubert Delelis Fanien
Hubert Delelis Fanien
17 years of experience for a major multinational company. Hundreds of factories visited for auditing and quality inspection. Hundreds of Chinese team members recruited, trained and developed. Spotting and promoting among them the managers of today and tomorrow. Creator of a worldwide industrial process expert network.I created AKA Outspring to transmit my passion and expertise in developing the persons : secure the competency through training and adapted organization / management system.

Our mission:to develop the person and organization autonomy


AKA Outspring™ core line is “TRANSMIT, DO and ACT”:
our company act to render the persons and the organization autonomous.


Our expertise is issued from the industry, we did the job, we promote the principle of cost efficiency, action on the field and operational skills.
All our actions are designed for and aim at developing the skills and performance of our customers.


Our strong convictions is that the next challenge in China will be linked to the ability of the company to optimize their organization and efficiency, what we call quality.
Both Human Resources management and Production/Business operation are concerned.


Our ethic is to create bridge, we promote understanding not culture.




Therefore we develop operational training programs to secure your return on investment.

We automatically individualize the input for your team member level and need, we transmit him the skills and tools immediately duplicate in your daily operation:
·100% “Hands-on” method
·we train to do and do with on the field.

We use 3 Asian cultural levers to empower the training impact :
·Game and competition approach to generate action,
·Social link between trainees and instructors.

·Demonstrated efficiency principle : we show that the method works.

We expose each trainee on the 3 main EAST/WEST collapsing mindset structure to INITIATE THEIR CHANGE acceptation:
·Logic : cause & consequence Vs holistic,
·Communication : Direct Vs Indirect,
·Action : Pro-activity Vs Pro-using.




Therefore we develop a recruitment support program for company to achieve accurate and efficient result now and tomorrow.

We promote candidate attitude focus and demonstrated skills, allowing each candidates to reveal themselves :

·Go beyond the resume and interview the perfect answerlure.
·Observe your candidate in action, not acting.

We work in close collaboration and transparency with our customer, sharing our tools and method, injecting know how :
·Understand the approach,
·Improve your current practice,
·Duplicate and achieve your long lasting performance.

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