Hubert Delelis Fanien
Hubert Delelis Fanien
17 years of experience for a major multinational company. Hundreds of factories visited for auditing and quality inspection. Hundreds of Chinese team members recruited, trained and developed. Spotting and promoting among them the managers of today and tomorrow. Creator of a worldwide industrial process expert network.I created AKA Outspring to transmit my passion and expertise in developing the persons : secure the competency through training and adapted organization / management system.
Asia Quality Focus
Asia Quality Focus

Asia Quality Focus is a leading third party inspection company, providing quality control services to importers from all over the world and focusing on product inspections, factory audits and testing services for consumer products.When AQF wanted to improve their standing training programs, AKA supported them with inspector training.

AKAOutspring supported the implementation of a new training program within AQF’squality department for their inspectors throughout China. Furthermore, AKA worked with AQF’s training manager and HR department to focus on training methodology.

Because AQF is committed to continuous improvement in performance and reliability, we helped AQF set up a one day training session for their team in order to complement their usual on-site training sessions.




What we did:  Trained the existing trainer (level 2 program) and provided 3 days coaching on site.We defined the training contents based on AQF’s standards, formalized the training session and coached their instructor during the first training.


Result: A comprehensive training program, performed and mastered internally by their own training team.


Efficiency: Trained1 person to improve their training methodology. Totally trained up to 30 inspectors among their team (GD, ZJ).

专业评估项目:质量检验员 人才推荐:质量检验员 Egmont 公开培训课程:质检效率 – 二级 公开培训课程:质检效率 -  一级 CASAQUE Group Asia Quality Focus(AQF) 求职者评估:对求职者的资质与能力进行评估并提供反馈 定制评估项目:精益工程师