Hubert Delelis Fanien
Hubert Delelis Fanien
17 years of experience for a major multinational company. Hundreds of factories visited for auditing and quality inspection. Hundreds of Chinese team members recruited, trained and developed. Spotting and promoting among them the managers of today and tomorrow. Creator of a worldwide industrial process expert network.I created AKA Outspring to transmit my passion and expertise in developing the persons : secure the competency through training and adapted organization / management system.


    Step 5 : COACHING

    Trainees redo by themselves under coach supervision the
    implementation of the skills.

    Step 4 : UNDERSTAND

    Instructors make the link between method, cultural basis and
    attitude expected from a western point of view.

    Formalization of the method through Mapping and Routine.

    Step 3 : DO

    Instructors and trainees perform together the skills
    following the standard method to be learned.

    Objective : transmit the competency as an action.
    Something DOABLE.

    Step 2 : KNOW

    Instructors introduce standard definition and method link
    to the skills to be developed.

    Objective : initiate new skills and prepare its acquisition.

    Step 1 : Acceptation of the change

    Trainee perform the skills based on their current practice
    level, instructors and trainees revised the result and

    Objective : create the necessary concern => I need to
    improve my current practice.

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