Hubert Delelis Fanien
Hubert Delelis Fanien
17 years of experience for a major multinational company. Hundreds of factories visited for auditing and quality inspection. Hundreds of Chinese team members recruited, trained and developed. Spotting and promoting among them the managers of today and tomorrow. Creator of a worldwide industrial process expert network.I created AKA Outspring to transmit my passion and expertise in developing the persons : secure the competency through training and adapted organization / management system.
Our recruitment services

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    Dedicated Assessment Session

    You spent 3 months to post advertisement, collect resume, interview and finally decide the candidates to hire, and after 1 week, 3 weeks or 2 months that they don’t match for the company and the job, that what they do vary with what they said.


    AKA offer you:

    1. Review with your hiring manager and your HR manager the job description and the company culture, AKA Outspring™ team will issue a report introducing:

    1.1 The key characteristics of the targeted candidates,

    1.2 Interview guideline, beyond the already know questions and answers game,

    1.3 An ad. designed for attracting profile with the required characteristics.

    2. After your validation, AKA Outspring™ team will preselect and invite between 7 to 12 candidates to attend your dedicated session

    3. On the day of the session, we operate the session together, you observe, interact with the candidates when we provide you with support and suggestions.

    4. At the end of the ½ day, you decide who you want to recruit.


    Duration: 1-2 hours meeting + ½ day session

    Lead-time: 3 weeks between requests confirmed to session

    Fee: 6,000RMB for one session, whatever the number of candidates you recruit at the end.

    Candidates Assessment

    You have a 1st interview rejection rate too high and you waste a lot of your time interviewing candidates that does not match at all the job and the company.

    You have seen some candidates and the interview result satisfy you, you experience told you it is not enough.


    AKA offer you:

    1. Send us your resume and candidates, AKA Outspring™ team will assess them following our principle and pre-validated scenario based on job description.

    2. We will contact and invite them to attend our assessment session

    3. You received a detailed report on their demonstrated competency and attitudes, plus our suggestion on their potentiality to match or not your request.

    4. You decide who to see on interview or who to recruit based on real facts.


    Duration: 1-2 hours meeting + ½ day session

    Lead-time: 3 days between requests confirmed to report issued (candidates available)

    Fee: 1,500RMB per candidate to assess

    * If added to dedicated recruitment session, no extra cost.

    Intern & Fresh Graduate Outplacement

    To attract talented fresh graduates, you need to prepare and attend campus fair. There will be huge number of applicants to filter. You need to follow-up their internship program, and they need a lot of coaching.


    AKA offer you:

    1. AKA has connections with many universities in China all year round, we can supply you qualified intern or fresh graduate any time you need them

    2. All applicants are maintained in database, interviewed by professional HR, and went through exclusive behavior and practical test

    3. After confirming on board date, AKA will offer one day training focus on practical skills and mindset needed in customer’s company.

    4. We help you to make a successful intern program and feedback regularly intern performance


    Duration: 0.5-1 hour’s phone

    Lead-time: 3-14 days between requests confirmed to candidate proposed

    Fee: 1,500RMB for internship; 4,000RMB after 3 parties agreement signed

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